We help children to become capable, to make decisions independently, easy to learn and quick to remember!

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About us

Our main purpose is creation the world where people are happy and do the business they enjoy. Only purposeful, self-reliant and intellectually developed people will ensure success and prosperity for this world. To help our children to become such people is our main purpose.

Our mentors

Ekaterina Valentinovna Averina

Higher education in Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Cherepovets State Pedagogic Institute.

Professional experience: 5 years of tuition in Mathematics and Physics, preparation of children for technical competition and Physics conferences participation.

“Mental arithmetic is not only about quick calculation skill but also development and training of both cerebral hemispheres. It ensures the intellectual abilities necessary during all our life.

I agree with the words of Professor Alexandr Ivanovich Markushevich: “The one who studies Mathematics from the very childhood is training his concentration and brain for the whole life. Moreover it helps to cultivate a strong will and persistence”.

My credo is “ The result is equal to desire and willingness”

Lidia Leonidovna Nutrikhina

She graduated from Cherepovets State University (with honour diploma) and her name is included in best students list of Vologda region. Obtained Postgraduate degree in Moscow State University.

The winner of regional and state pedagogical competitions and contests.

Recipient of note of thanks from Cherepovets mayor and vice-mayor of Vologda region for implementation of creative approach in pedagogical process.

“In mental arithmetic I have found the opportunity to improve my numerical ability. Being a school student I was sure that to work with figures is not for me. But now I have found out that I just was not self-confident enough. After the course of Mental arithmetic the fear has disappeared. Now if I see complicated calculations I have no thoughts to run away. Now I feel like the figures are calculated themselves without any hard efforts from myself.

My credo is “Every person may become whatever he or she wants”. Mental arithmetics helps in it. I want children to choose the profession not with the attitude: “I will choose it just because I can do it well” but with the attitude: “I will choose it because it inspires me and I know that I can do it”. The opportunity to choose is a fantastic thing."

Center founders

Aleksandr Nikolaevich Matyushichev and Anna Aleksandrovna Matyushicheva

“Upbringing and education of children is one of the most important things in this world. Their habits, attitude and behavior determine the quality of their lives. Everybody wants to live in a prosperous country and it is possible when there are at least 8% of intellectually developed people who appreciate the quality of life. The rest 92% will pull up, for sure. That is why we have created the Center of Intellectual Development “Pifagorka”. We are sure that it will help children to reveal their potential.

Come and join us. Do study, train, become prosperous and successful. Everything is up to you.

We help children to develop and reveal their talents, become self-reliant, independent, able to make decisions, to overcome study problems and to memorize without any difficulties.