We help children to become capable, to make decisions independently, easy to learn and quick to remember!

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  1. Which age is the best for starting the course?

    The best age to start is when a child is 4-6 years old. According to the scientific point of view, the most intensive brain development period is until 12 years old. It is the period when the brain is "plastic" and intensive training ensures the neural connections development. Nevertheless for the children of older age the course will be useful as well but the progress is likely not to be as intensive.

  2. Will my child become more successful at school if attending Mental arithmetic course?

    Despite its name, Mental arithmetic isn’t aimed at calculation ability improving. It is just a "by-result". The main target is to develop the brain activity. As a result, a child becomes more successful at calculations and problems solving. This leads to improving of performance at school.

  3. Can an adult learn the methodic?

    Yes, he can. This methodic is used as a prevention of Alzheimer disease. The course is like a "brain fitness". The case is just that an adult needs more time to obtain the skill. It is like in sport- the sooner one starts to train the sooner and better results will be obtained.

  4. How many students are there in a group?

    The most effective amount of students a mentor is able to teach is 4-6 people. This is the amount of people in a group at our school.

  5. What differs this course from a custom program of primary development?

    The uniqueness of our course is the approach which involves the development of both cerebral hemispheres. 15-20 minutes of studying per day ensures a fantastic result. Developed brain is a guarantee of success in future: a child will easier understand the school program, become more self-confident and independent.

  6. How long is the duration of the course?

    Different children need different time to develop the skill. At our course the approach is individual. As a rule it takes from 8 to 24 months to learn addition, multiplying, dividing operations with the usage of abacus. The classes take place twice a week. The duration of a class is 1 hour and additionally it takes 15 minutes to carry out a home task.

  7. What includes 1 hour of a class?

    Children feel tired and bored if they are forced to do a monotonous work for a long time. That is why the exercises are alternated with developing games. Also we do the tasks and exercises for concentration, memory and posture development.

  8. In our town there is no Mental arithmetic school. Can we study online?

    It is rather difficult as the mentor during the class pays the attention to such things as correct involvement of both hands and, if necessary, corrects the deficiencies. We can offer you to become our partner in you city.

  9. Why in Russia the name of the course is "Pifagorka" and in Kazakhstan is "Archimedka"?

    In Kazakhstan the name "Pifagorka" is registered as a trademark. The rightholder has laid a claim for it. So we had to change the name and have chosen "Archimedka". The primary development centers in Russia and Kazakhstan differ just by names.