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Just one habit obtained by a child before 12 years old is able to change his future life

Let’s start from the very beginning

You must have heard that only 5% of people are successful in their lives. The rest are just dreaming, but their dreams are likely never to come true.

Why do these things happen? Is it possible to change this statistics for our children?

Our answer is “YES, FOR SURE!”

It is scientifically substantiated fact that success depends to a large extent on harmonic work of left and right cerebral hemispheres. Unfortunately, in most cases the work of left cerebral hemisphere prevails. In other words, logical thinking works better than creative thinking. The last one is responsible for intuition and creative approach.

Can we conclude that the development of left hemisphere will ensure the ability for being more successful?

Very likely. It is more likely that a child of 5-12 years old will get more significant results than an adult. In this age the brain of a human is quite flexible and notable for ability to acquire the knowledge more quickly. That is why our program is developed specially for children.

What is Mental Arithmetic?

It is a highly effective children development program which involves arithmetical calculations with the use of abacus. It is developed for children of 4-16 years old. This program helps to develop self-reliance, initiative, critical thinking and ability to see the things in proper perspective. The program works in 52 countries of the world (USA, Canada, Great Britain, Austria, Spain, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, China and other).

Abacus is called “an ancient calculator”. They were invented by our ancestors 2500 years ago. But why is this system today becoming popular again?

The reason is that as opposed to simple arithmetic, work with abacus involves harmonic and concord activity of both cerebral hemispheres. So it leads to... Do you remember what we were speaking about?

Work with abacus ensures:

  • minor motor activity stimulation;

  • development of left and right hemispheres;

  • demonstration of the calculation result-the child can see the result on abacus not just in mind or on the paper sheet;

  • simultaneous usage of both hands;

  • mental reckoning with the use of imaginary abacus.

Obtaining of skill of mental calculations (without use of calculators) is a “bonus by-effect” of Mental arithmetic Course.

Let’s turn to the example: in Japan pupils of primary schools are obliged to study Japanese abacus (soroban). This approach has already demonstrated significant results. Every year Japanese students win international mathematical competitions and contests and this even becomes a tradition.

In China children of Primary schools are able to calculate the operations with three-digits figures without the help of calculators.

But the main purpose of mental Mathematics is not mental calculation skill. It is just a “by-effect”.

Mental arithmetic develops the ability of obtaining success in any matter

First of all, it ensures a harmonic work of human neuron nets and as a result improves the speed and quality of mental activity. It may be compared with sport training.

Just imagine...

You found yourself among the world-famous cycle racing sportsmen. The command to start is going to be given in a few seconds but you can hardly remember the last time you cycled. Have you any chance among these well trained sportsmen who have been training for several years?

The same situation with intellectual activity. It is proven that an intellectually skilled person will be much more successful in any situation: study, career, sport, hobby etc.

Let’s going on with sport analogy. To become an Olympic champion a person needs to train from the very childhood. With Mental arithmetic it is the same. Chinese and Japanese pedagogues declare that if an adult and a child start training on abacus, they will not get the same results. The results of the last one will be more significant. That is why to start training “in time”, i.e. from the very childhood, is very important.

The program duration is 2 years, but the first results will be observed already after 3-4 months

Let’s turn to the feedback of our pupils’ parents


After 2 months of attending the course of Mental arithmetic our school marks significantly improved.

One day we (me and my husband) tried to calculate some three-digit figures. When Kirill heard our discussion he calculated without a calculatior and gave us the result of calculation.

— Volkova Ekaterina Vladimrovna

Mathematics and Reading

Nikita improved his writing and reading skills. We see that the result of his studying is much better that this of his classmates.

— Laushkin Oleg Aleksandrovich

School subjects

Unfortunately, we had an opportunity to study at this school just once a week. But progress at academic school program is obvious. This academic year we finalized without bad marks.

— Marinina Elena Anatolyevna

Music classes

We go in for piano and it implies minor motor function activity . Artyom has learned to play with his left hand as well as with his right hand.

— Lyachina Irina

Self-reliance and self-confidence

Katya became concentrated and self-confident. She is used to say: “I will manage it!”. Moreover she became self-reliable and I can trust her to perform any difficult school task without my help.

— Marinina Elena Anatolyevna

My child is often being commended at school. Now he feels and looks more self-confident.

— Borisova Olga

My son has been attending the courses for 3 months. So right now I can’t speak about any “global” changes. But at least now he manages his homework without my help.

— Lyachina Irina

Triumph on competitions and contests

Our son Makar has won a school Mathematical contest.

— Kostina Dina Borisovna

This school year became successful for us thanks to Mental arithmetic course attendance. My son Sergey has become a prize winner of local scientific contest and in a competition “Student of the year”.

— Pronina Mariya Sergeevna

How the classes are organized

You child trains the skills of work with abacus step by step, from simple to complicated. The classes take place twice a week and the duration is 1 hour. Additionally, the student is given a homework (it takes about 15 minutes). As a result, by the end of the program your child is able to calculate the operations with three digit figures without the help of calculator.

But here arises the question: is a child able to do a monotonous work during a whole hour? No, he isn’t. And we have solved this problem the following way...

A special program of Mental arithmetic from “Pifagorka”

The abacus exercises practice came to us from Asia, where children are more disciplined and the authority of adults is indisputable. Classes are not associated with something boring for them and the discipline is pretty strict. Our children differ from them. They feel tired and frustrated if the lesson duration is extended in time.

That is why we alternate the abacus classes with games, exercises for memory and attention training, exercises for eyes and posture. So there is a double benefit.

But it is not all

Most of the courses offered by other schools are often organized like school classes-in a group and according to the common study plan. In this case the personality of a single student is not taken into account. For instance, one student is able to study 3 pages during a class but another is able to study only half of the page. All the children are different and everyone has a specific personality.

In our case children study also in groups. But the tasks are given to each pupil individually with consideration of his abilities. That differs our program from others.

As opposed to English courses my son has never told me: “Mom, let’s miss the class of Mental arithmetic?” We are impressed by the results and that’s why we are planning to bring here also our daughter who is 6 now.

— Pronina Maria

This is how our courses are organized

On our courses your child is guided by qualified instructors, who have successfully passed attestation.

We are glad to give you a very warm welcome for the first step for successful future of your child.

Don’t miss the opportunity to start studying as soon as possible. Remember the earlier your child starts the training the easier he reaches the results