We help children to become capable, to make decisions independently, easy to learn and quick to remember!

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Schedule and price

Classes are organized in groups up to 8 children. Every child carries out the tasks with the speed which is comfortable for him. Mentor only corrects the mistakes during the class.

The program duration is 24 months. Some children are faster, some are slower. It depends on individual peculiarities.

The classes are held 2 times a week. The duration of a class is 1 hour. During this time not only arithmetic is studied but also some exercises for concentration, memory and posture development are carried out.


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“Pifagorka” center Attendance rules:

5 rules which will help us to make our classes funny and effective.

  1. We accept just the children who have taken a voluntary decision to attend our center as we strongly believe that no success will be reached if a person is forced to do something. The knowledge which was obtained under the pressure will soon disappear and will not be effective.

  2. The mentor is obliged to have a respectful attitude to all the students despite the academic results of the children. The students, in turn, are obliged to comply with respect to classmates and mentor.

  3. The students and parents are meant to trust the mentor and to consider the opinion of the mentor. If something goes wrong the parents are obliged to rise the matter in the discussion with participation of the Administration of the Center.

  4. If the student is aimed at result he is meant to follow all the instructions of the mentor, including carrying out the home task. Parents are to control the carrying out of the home task and the mentor is to check it.

  5. We respect each other and respect the efforts of each other. If somebody has to miss the class, he should inform the mentor (by SMS or call). If the participant missed three classes without notification, the cost is automatically written off his membership card.